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A translation is the written transformation of a text into another language.

SMILE-Translations is certified acc. to the European standard EN-15038 and adheres to the regulations of this standard.

Our academically trained professional translators use CATs (computer assisted tools), if necessary for instance for contracts or any other texts in which text segments are repeated and need to have the same equivalent throughout the text.

An academically trained professional translator knows how to reproduce a text in another language according to the conventions of the other culture. Language nuances and culture specific aspects are taken into account in detail.

Depending on the respective expert field of the text, we at SMILE select the right translators for you and with the assistance of your experts who support us with company internal terms or with expert questions, we provide you with a professional translation within the given time.

Furthermore we provide you with professional DTP layout and multilingual DTP.

Additional benefit:

We provide you with
translations in the
language(s) you need
plus professional
desktop publishing and
multilingual DTP.