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Technical Equipment


We now have a video conference / virtual conference platform for you with several languages included. We are looking forward to your inquiries for your next video conference for multiple speakers, thousands of participants and many language channels. We are there for you 24/7.

Technical Equipment


You can book with us interpreting equipment and any other technical equipment you need for your event.

Our platform can be combined with all common platforms (Zoom, Teams, etc.) to make hybride and remote interpreting in several languages possible.

On site, we use our mobile interpreting booths

  • are top sound proof
  • comply with ISO standard 4043 for mobile interpretation systems
  • are made for 2 interpreters
  • have glass fronts and side windows enabling interpreters to get all visual information they need
  • integrate elegantly and neutrally due to their grey colour
  • are easy to transport
  • are very quickly installed.

How many interpreting booths do I need?

Basically you need as many booths as you want languages to be interpreted into (target language).

If the language of your conference is e.g. English and you want it to be interpreted into two languages, then you need two booths.

How much space do I need for an interpreting booth?

You need 2x2m for an interpreting booth, the opening of the door takes up about an additional 0.5m. The door can be installed either at one of the lateral sides of the booth or at the back.

Next to the booth you need about 80x80cm for the interpretation system.

Tour Guide System

A tour guide comprises a microphone, a pocket transmitter and 20 receivers.

The interpreter speaks into a microphone, the signal is transmitted via radio signal to the receivers of the audience. The receivers are equipped with channel and volume control and headphones.

AV/Audio Visual Systems

We also offer a broad assortment of technical equipment of all kind.

AV systems:

  • PA systems (audio systems, mixers, speakers, amplifiers, etc.)
  • Lighting (PAR cans, LED PAR cans, scanner, moving heads, effect lighting, lighting control desks, etc.)
  • Video equipment and production
  • Projectors
  • Projector screens
  • Plasma and LCD screens
  • Notebooks, PCs and network systems


We also have furniture, LED video walls, etc. for you.


You need one booth
per target language. If
an English
presentation is
interpreted into
German, Spanish and
Russian, you need
three booths.