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About us

About us

SMILE-Translations is a big international team of academically trained professional interpreters and translators, who are organised by Mag. Michaela Leithner, MA and Franz Harnacker, the highly committed and highly motivated management team which has worked on a platform solution for you (in April 2020, COVID-19) for your video conferences, virtual conferences incl. several langauges (remote interpreting, distance interpreting). This high-quality video conference platform with interpretation into a large number of languages is now available for you. We are looking forward to your inquiries!

 Who we are:

Mag. Michaela Leithner, MA is a professional interpreter and translator herself who has been trained at different European universities (University of Vienna, Austria, University of Leeds, UK and Universidad de Las Palmas, Gran Canaria).

  • I am founder and managing director of SMILE-Translations Organisation GmbH.
  • On site I am responsible for managing our projects, our teams and for assisting our customers. In general I am your first contact person regarding any questions and information on interpreting and translating.
  • For more than 10 years I have been working as a professional interpreter and translator, as well as an organisor of teams of all language combinations for conferences and events of all kinds, negotiations, press conferences, etc. including the technical equipment needed.

I made my passion my profession. My understanding of my profession is that my audience walks out of a conference and has the same information and the same feelings as if they had listened to the original. And that's what I ask of my colleagues when I select them for an assignment.

As an organiser I listen very carefully from the second a customer calls, I advice them in what they need for their conference or for the special language situation that they are going to face, since most of our clients work with an interpreter for the first time. Based on what the customer needs and depending on the topic of the conference I select the colleagues who have specialised in this field. Then with the assistance of our clients I give my colleagues as much information and as many presentations and background material as possible so that they are well-prepared for the conference. On site I am responsible for smooth proceedings and clear communication between customer, speakers, interpreters, technicians and audience.

My goal is that our customers, their conference participants and our teams go home with a smile on their faces, because they feel well-understood in every sense of the word and taken care of the best way possible. To put it in a nutshell, I want to fulfil the promise we give to our clients: We're gonna make you SMILE.


Franz Harnacker is primarily responsible for back office, financial matters and controlling.

  • I am founder and managing director of SMILE-Translations Organisation GmbH.
  • On site I am responsible for managing our projects, our teams and for assisting our customers. In general, however, I am primarily responsible for smooth proceedings behind the scenes.
  • I changed my career after 25 years of professional work in the field of graphic design, DTP and print. Due to my expertise in this field and my many years of experience we have a big network of qualified and trained specialists I have personally worked with and have only the best of working experience with. That's why we are providing you not only with professional translations acc. to the European standard EN 15038, but also with multilingual DTP.

I also have undergone many years of training in communication and applied and business economics which helped me a lot in the beginning when I started with SMILE-Translations.

All of my experience and my professional education and training enables me – and this is another strength of SMILE-Translations - to see an event or a conference through the eyes of our customers, to understand their needs and requirements a little bit better and to be able to implement their wishes in detail.

This is one of the many reasons why we make our satisfied customers at the end of each and every event smile, which is what we promise: We're gonna make you SMILE.

Your benefit:

We listen to you,
you get professional
advice and we
implement your
wishes competently.